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7 Tips I Wish I Knew Before Started Blogging

Having a blog sounds exciting, right? But before you actually set out to start a blog ensure that you have a clearly laid out plan. Most blogs fail due to poor planning, as bloggers are so much in a hurry. They fail to do their homework well and often leave out the important aspects of a successful blog. Below are some useful tips that would have saved most bloggers from failure.


1. Find reliable hosting


How you host your blog is one of the major decisions you need to make as you start a new blog. Hosting is essentially what makes your blog live to the world. It can be simply described as the virtual habitat for your blog as it helps store your blog’s data and links it to the web.

There are various hosting configurations to choose from which include self-hosting and free hosting.

Bloggers are highly encouraged to opt for self –hosting as free blogs like tumblr do not offer you control or ownership and branding options that count in building a successful blog. Right from the beginning you should identify the ideal blog hosting for you.

Most blogs fail as people look at them from a short-term angle. Why start with a free blog then later struggle to migrate while you could straight away start with a self-hosted blog that puts you in charge of your entire blog.


2. Have a mailing list and ensure that it is growing


This is perhaps one blogging tip that has remained constant over the years. Having a mail list allows you reach people via their inboxes at any time. This helps boost traffic to your new blog posts. Growing the mail list is essential as you cannot entirely rely on Google for traffic.

Social network sites also constantly change their terms which may at times interfere with your traffic. Therefore the mailing list offers you a reliable source of traffic should something go wrong with all the other common sources of traffic.


3. Knowing your competitors is a great tool


You have great content, but who else in the market focuses on that similar niche and how good are they? Well, if you do not know this you then you are probably chasing shadows. Identifying with similar bloggers helps you position yourself in the market.

You get to know what you ought to be giving more attention and what you should do away with. The greatest turn off to your visitors is posting content that has appeared somewhere else before.

You therefore have to be on your toes to source for new ideas and approaches to issues in order to uphold originality and uniqueness.


4. Be passionate and get serious


Blogs do not work their way up to success, the blogger pulls them up to success. If you have no time and love for your blog then you will achieve very little from it.

Get your objectives right from the beginning and every decision you make from then on should be to help you towards your goals.

When you love what you do you will be enjoying every minute you are working on it even if it is for free.

This means that your blog will remain relevant and energized to cover a particular niche.


5. You reap what you sow


This is a cliché but true in every way. If you intend to earn from your blog, then like any other business you will have to put in some investments.

This will include spending money on generating a unique design, custom development and marketing. Yes, blogs need to be marketed too or else your content will just be that, yours and no else will know about it.

Sometimes you will also have to source for writers or editors to help you manage it while you can’t and all these require money. If you invest wisely in your blog the profits can be outstanding.


6. Interactive and responsive web designs rule


Currently, mobile devices are a prime source of web traffic. If your blog’s layout fails to respond to these smaller gadgets then you are at risk of losing valuable traffic as people ill shy away from it.

By interactive it is meant that your visitors should be able to comment on your posts.

This enables them express their attitude and feelings towards your posts which can be used as an evaluation tool.


7. Everyone needs help at some point


No matter how great a blogger you are, there are instance that you will require the opinion or assistance of someone else.

You will be surprised that sometimes your solutions are closer than you think. Accepting help saves you time and the end result may be even more than you expected.

Common Mistakes Web Designers Make

If there is one thing that can be said about all humans in general, it is that we ALL make mistakes. Regardless of how many times we check our facts, dot our I’s and cross our T’s we still wind up doing something wrong. It is in our nature and unfortunately, mistakes are going to happen! Remember that guy you thought that was so charming and he turned into an arrogant pig by the end of the night but you still decided to check out his new apartment? Yeah, definitely a mistake but it happens! We are definitely accident and error prone when it comes to our jobs and regardless of how long we have been with the company or how many years we have been doing it, we will still mess up from time to time. Web designers are definitely no exception to the rule!


Common Mistakes

When it comes to mistakes made, there are seven in particular that web designers fall victim to. Some are worse than others, but most can easily be fixed.


1. Poor legibility

A website design Brisbane company noticed that this is one of the most common mistakes that designers make. By combining colors that do not read well or a font that is difficult to read, you can easily lose traffic.


2. Your website is disorganized

We have all visited a website and been so frustrated with it that we left. Do not let this be your site! Make sure that everything is well organized!


3. Poor navigation

If people have to search all over your site to find the one part of it that they need, you can expect to lose business. Make all of your page links easy to find.



4. Screen resolution issues

Keep in mind that a lot of people use their mobile devices just as much as their bulky desktops. Although you cannot cater to every screen resolution, you should at least check to make sure it will load appropriately on all devices.


5. Registration forms that are hard to use

Most of us have visited a site and wanted to sign up with it only to deal with a frustrating registration form that did not work right or wanted so much information that we got finger cramps from typing. Make sure that you only gather as much information as you need.


6. Overload of images

Some web designers think that the more images they can fit on the page, the better but in all reality this can cause your site to lose business. Too many images will make it look congested and will deter traffic.


7. Absolutely no background music

Regardless of whether or not you can listen to the song (or songs) on loop is irrelevant. Your visitors do not want to hear it, especially on loop, and I cannot tell you how much business you will lose by this. Some people are at work surfing the internet without permission and this might as well be a blaring air raid siren.



By avoiding these mistakes and double checking your work, you will easily produce a website that attracts traffic and looks incredible! If you are ever in doubt, you can always consult your friends and family members for their opinions. Keep in mind that it is people like them that will come across your site so keep their advice in mind!

Questions You Should Ask Before You Launch Your Startup

When it comes to launch a new startup, most of the people stay excited. They feel new excitement and tend to dream like “Oh yeah! I am the owner of this company” but in reality everyone should be at least professional and silent to ensure safety and growth of the startup. Everyone is not Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg indeed.



The questions that you should ask prior to starting your own startup may be quite long. At first you have to understand the business before asking others. So ask yourself these questions first:

1. How big is the scope of this startup? Is it just a small business with little risk or a high investment Kickstarter type of budget involved?
2. Am I capable of managing this startup?
3. How many stuffs I really need to manage this startup smoothly everyday?
4. Do I really know everything about this business? Or should I make a list to ask my partners and other specialists so that my knowledge becomes 100% perfect about the startup?
5. Am I really fit for this startup? Or should I skip it and think another one where my passion, skill or knowledge is far better?

If you pass yourself through these questions and ready to go further then – “Congratulations! Ah, you are going to be a serious businessman now!”. Things next to do is these questions you should ask before you launch your startup, better if all the people are available in a meeting room:

1. Does all the people really know about this startup? (In case some have doubt, let other specialists elaborate it to them clearly)
2. How many partners are there in this business?
3. How many decision making people (like manager) should we hire?
4. What are payment methods through which we are going to get paid from customers?
5. Is this business have valid and legal license?
6. Is it an International business? Need office in other countries too?
7. Are all partners trusted and feel comfortable with each other? Is there anything between any of 2 partners that seems an “opposing” manner?
8. Say for an online transaction who’s account will be used for this business? If it’s a joined account together then who will have access to this account? Is it OK if everyone can access this account?
9. What will be investment plan? Will everyone invest same amount mutually?
10. What will be revenue plan? Will everyone get profit of same amount mutually?
11. Will there be a vote system like for any decision majority vote will be selected as final decision? What if it’s 50-50 then keeping decision or removing decision – will any of these 2 initiate a new war between 2 parties? Startup is going to get destroyed? What is solution then for 50-50 case?
12. What is startup plan in case someone or more than one partner leave the business? Is there any new partner to offer to fill his place?
13. What action to take in case bad or false rumor spreads against startup somehow? How to fix it? How to take media and press calm down and how to keep people know about the truth that startup is just perfect and that was just a rumor?
14. What is new product idea? How long a product will stay? (If it’s a product based business where new products will keep coming)
So, these are the most important question sets that must be answered in order to maintain a healthy startup just like your fat baby boy!

Most Anticipated Gadgets to Be Launched in 2014

Apart from the usual New Year resolutions that we make every year but never really fulfill, the other thing that keeps us looking forward to the New Year is the new technology that comes with it. The only resolution we almost never break is when we vow to get some of that technology. Unless something goes really wrong with your finances, here are some gadgets that will keep you looking like you’re from a movie or from the future when you make a resolution to buy one of them and fulfill it.


Apple’s iWatch


Now we all know how ambitious Apple is and how well they satisfy our technology thirst but get this, in the autumn of this year you can be wearing an apple watch called the iWatch! It will come preloaded with fitness features together with other unique features. I wonder what the tech giants will make next. Maybe an Apple iRing it would be a good accompaniment to the watch. The low power Bluetooth will allow the watch sync with your other Apple gadgets and hover up information like emails and app notifications. Pretty cool right?


Samsung Galaxy round 2


Who is tired of the extremely flat display screens that are all around us? Well, Samsung has just the thing for that. The galaxy round 2 from Samsung is flexible from side to side and comes with intense features and apps including a 16MPcamera and everything else that you would find on a Smartphone. I wonder if you could roll it up and use it to kill a bug. That would be an awesome feature. That way you wouldn’t have to look for a magazine every time a bug lands on your table.




Fans of HTC are bound to be excited about this one. The current war between Samsung and Apple largely covered HTCs presence and now they intend to jump back to the scene both feet first by the expected release of the M8. Even though they plan to change the name the sleek and thin design of the gadget and the aluminum casing are bound to steal the limelight. It also has an ultra pixel camera and quite a large screen that makes the display feel almost real for a phone.


Apple iPad pro


Another ‘in your face’ punch from Apple to all its competitors is with the highly anticipated Apple pro tablet release. After this release, many of the companies in the tablet market will be panting trying to match the superior display that this gadget is going to have. Following in the tracks of some MacBooks, this device is going to have the retina display on a larger 12.9 inch screen. Needless to mention of the superior graphics and processing power which to apple is like breakfast in the morning. Yes, give credit where it is due these guys always nail it when it comes to the graphics and performance.


2014 is bound to be a great year when it comes to technology. Most of us will be breaking our banks to get some of this equipment that we’re drooling over. Trust me with the hype and the names that are dropping these gadgets, it will be worth the quarrel with your bank manager.

Daily Distractions That Productive People Ignore

The list of daily distractions that productive people ignore would be endless as there are billions of people in the world to offer billions of suggestions. But almost everyone would agree that time is precious and once passed, it cannot be retrieved. Hence, it is crucial to use every minute productively; which is what productive people always practice.

You may have your own list of daily distractions to avoid for a higher productivity. See if any of the below matches yours.


1. Watching TV or movies


There may be many excellent programs offered but why waste your time on fictional soap dramas that stir up the emotions unnecessarily and unproductively? A movie can be 2-3 hours long which that time can be spent more usefully on productive matters. Real life drama is more than enough they can etch into the hall of fame with some special moments generated by loved ones such as a graduation, birthday, new baby arrival, winning the little league and the lottery. You don’t need the TV to tell you what you are missing when you can create history easily with your time.


2. Social media engagement


It is hard to ignore the latest communication fad of the era with Facebook and Twitter beeping for your attention every minute. Social media sites are attracting millions of members to stay connected and updated with the social news around the world. You don’t have to wait for the 6 o’clock news to find out what’s up or what happened during the day. Social media sites are ready to inform you a minute after it happens. How cool is that? But staying glue to these sites can be time consuming and distracting. Your work would probably get done in half the time if you can disengage yourself from these social media updates for the time being.

3. Email indulgence


Many consumers leave their email facility on 24/7 to ensure that they do not miss out on important mails but a lot of junk mail comes along too. It is better for you to check your emails periodically to avoid wasting time at the PC. Setting times on replying emails or updating the facility makes you more discipline and productive with the time on your hands. It also frees you from being enslaved to technology with so many other benefiting activities beckoning.

4. Sleep


You should not be surprised that many productive people get a lot done when they forego sleep although when practiced too often, this may be detrimental to the health. Smart people who want to be productive would ensure enough rest to stay alert in mind, body and soul while an indulgence would lead to a lack.

5. Have a Break


Short breaks in between heavy long work sessions are good for the body to stimulate the mind again for greater inspirations. A good coffee break allows you to relax and refocus or you might just be inspired through a change of environment. However, you may tend to stretch your coffee break a little too long and waste precious time in getting the job done.